NewsCloud's Community Starter

Community Starter is a simple, affordable platform to launch social media communities and extend existing websites. It provides a suite of Facebook-connected interactive features that can help you host a vibrant online community for your neighborhood, topic, community group, nonprofit, membership association or city.

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NewsCloud is free and open source software you can use to power engaging social media communities

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Who's Using NewsCloud?

We work with mainstream media such as The Boston Globe and The Washington Post, hyperlocal community sites, nonprofits and small entrepreneurial startups.

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Launch Your City Hub

Use NewsCloud to create the kinds of engaged hyperlocal community hubs that the Knight Foundation recommends for healthy cities in its recent Aspen Institute report.

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Turnkey and Affordable

Watch our four minute video guide to installing NewsCloud and launching your own social media community.

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Research & Education

University of Minnesota researched the engagement of young people in news with Facebook. University of Washington let journalism students run their own social media publication.

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